Martin G.

San Marcos, CA

5 star rating

I've been eating there eggplant subs for 20 years.  I like the pizza as well. Mom and Dad are very nice people. God Bless Casa!

Jay B.
Los Angeles, CA
5 star rating

This truly is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant and takeout service.  Takeout is its prime source of business.  There are only 5 tiny tables and there barely is enough room to turn around when people are there to pickup their takeout orders.

There probably aren't too many people who would venture from LA to San Marcos unless they are visiting folk at Cal State San Marcos, but if you are ever in the area and want some of the best pizza with that homemade taste without the hassle, this is the place to try.  This  is a family-owned establishment with the husband always there taking orders and making the food.  This tiny establishment has been around since 1988 and survived this debacle of a recession, so it must have something going for it...

The crust is 1/3'' thick with an out-of-this-world marina sauce smothered on top that gives you a tang with each and every bite.  The  deluxe is good for me which is topped with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms,onions, green peppers, olives & extra cheese.  Prices range for this particular meal:  10'' - $9, 12'' - $12, 14'' - $14.5, 16'' - $17.20.  Calzone goes for $8.50 which is another winner-winner-chicken-dinner!

They don't serve alcohol here, hence the reason why most pickup to go home and pig out with a beer in hand, or for the privilege few - a hot & dirty martini!

Garret F.
Brawley, CA
5 star rating

Literally everything on the menu at this place is awesome. Great price for the quantity and quality of food you receive. The couple who owns this place are extremely nice every time I go into this place. I'd recommend the chicken parmesan. Has a special everyday that is priced so you really couldn't find it cheaper anywhere else.

Owen M.
San Marcos, CA
5 star rating

This restaurant is one of the best Italian restaurants I have been to. It is small in size and they only have a handful of tables inside, but don't let that fool you. It is family owned and run, and the service is some of the best out there. They are incredibly friendly and kind to their customers. Their service is very quick and accurate, and they offer coupon discounts, as well as specials, on the majority of their menu.

As for their food, I've had everything on their menu from sandwiches to calzones, pizzas to pastas, and it was all delectable. The portion sizes are large and filling, and they are not conservative when it comes to toppings. Stop in for a quick lunch to go, or take your date or family there to sit down for a nice dinner in this great restaurant and you will not be disappointed.

Nancy Y.
San Marcos, CA
5 star rating

Small, family run, homemade italian food.  Great place to pick up to-go for lunch or dinner.  Sandwiches- meatball sub and mortadella.  The calzones are delectable and huge.  Everything from stuffed shells to chicken parmesan. is great.  The owners are so nice and friendly, try this spot if your in the mood for quick, cheap, homemade, italian food.